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Totem is an action adventure third-person bow shooter. A malignant parasite has taken over the icy ruins of a fallen civilisation, twisting those who protect it. It’s up to you to free these guardians and cleanse the region.

Traverse the fallen ruins and cleanse the corruption ailing the environment in order to make your way to the corrupted guardians. Make your own decisions as to which path to travel first. Fight off parasitic apparitions that block your way, using your prowess with the bow to protect yourself from the corruption. Engage in combat with the corrupted guardians of civilisations past in order to free them from the malignant parasite that has taken over.

Totem was curated by Pudgeon Softworks (a team of Media Design School students). Our team is made up of four artists and three programmers, each with their own expertise and contributions to the project. You can find out more about Totem and our team on our social media channels. 



Install instructions

Unzip the build and run the .exe


Totem - Release Build 373 MB


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Loved the game.  Sadly there are a lot of bugs.

This recording was my 3rd time playing. First time I killed The Wolf 2 times and The Bear once.

The second time killed The Bear two times and The Wold once. Never got to the 3rd Boss. What am I doing wrong?

I PLAY ..GOOD IDEA BUT little bug .

Thanks for playing!